MWS Christmas Shopfest 2015

Love a bargain? So do we!

Join hussh now to get exclusive invitations to the best warehouse sales in your city.

  • Great brands.
  • All you can shop.
  • Up to 70% savings.
  • Nothing at full price.
  • One day only.

Still not convinced? Righto…

It’s your complete Holiday Season shopping in one day at less than half the cost. Now, that’s good math!

This year’s Christmas Shopfest will feature: big name brands, toys, kidswear, women’s fashion, men’s fashion, homewares, beauty, bedding, accessories, footwear, luggage, sportswear, handbags, gourmet chocolates and so much more…

And no need to drive or deal with the traffic! Enjoy being chauffeured like the royalty you are in our air-conditioned coach as we visit the top 10 discount warehouses in town, hand selected specifically to suit your Christmas shopping needs.

Many of these warehouses have never been open to the public and you don’t want to know what he had to do to twist their arms… Needless to say, it had to be done for your shopping pleasure.

When: Saturday 21st November, 2015. Departing from nine locations. Click your location below to book.

Go on. It’s your day. You deserve it.

One last thing…. did we mention we are running a compeition to be our VIP’s for the day? No? Well, check it out here.


What should I bring on the day?

Please bring a print out of the ticket that will be emailed to you on completion of your booking or proof of purchase on your smart phone or iPad.

We encourage our shoppers to bring their own shopping bags, and it’s a great idea to bring your own large shopping bags (the striped zip-up ones) to store your purchases underneath the bus. Bring extra water and snacks to keep up your energy.  For all the boozers, sorry this is an alcohol free tour – our MWS shopping day is crazy enough without a bus load of tipsy shoppers!

What’s for lunch?

You are welcome to bring your own lunch but if you’d prefer not to, there will be a scheduled 30 minute stop a McDonalds or a food court so you can grab yourself some lunch.

What happens if I miss the bus?

The bus runs to a strict schedule and will depart at the time specified. We’re sorry, but the bus can’t wait for people who are late to the departure point. Unfortunately there are no refunds for people who miss the bus.

Ticket refunds

Tickets are non-refundable, but can be transferred. If you can’t make it, a friend is welcome to take your place. Unfortunately there are no refunds for people who miss the bus.

Can I bring kids?

It’s a really long day for kids so it’s not encouraged but if they’d like to come it’s no problem. Unfortunately, at these low prices we can not discount kids tickets any further.

Who are we fundraising for?

The Berry Christmas Gift Appeal gives the children and young people in Berry Street’s care Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, many of the kids in Berry Street’s care miss out on the joys of Christmas. Your donation is truly helping to spread the Christmas spirit for a vulnerable child or young person. You can find more info on Berry Street here.

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