IKEA Mid Year 2020 Sale: 11 of their best deals

Get your allen key and your patience ready! Swedish giant IKEA has discounted hundreds of their ready-to-assemble Nordic style furniture and homewares, by up to 50 per cent!

We’ve rolled up our sleeves and scoured the site to check the best of what they have to offer.

Here’s what we have added to our wish list!


RRP $24.99, ON SALE $17.99

This handwoven seagrass basket with a green accent is perfect as a plant holder or any kind of decorative holder for that matter.

Image: ikea.com.au



RRP $329, ON SALE $165

A white 2-door bathroom cabinet with a built-in LED lighting – useful for putting on makeup.

Image: ikea.com.au



RRP $3, ON SALE $2

Having a barbie anytime soon? This nifty barbecue fork is stainless and comes with a heat-insulating handle.

Image: ikea.com.au



RRP $9.99, ON SALE $7

This cheery, tropical multi-coloured tray will make serving a breeze.

Image: ikea.com.au



RRP $9.99, ON SALE $7

This cute little box is perfect for everything from newspapers to clothes. Easy to pull out as the box has handles on both sides.

Image: ikea.com.au



RRP $1.99, ON SALE $0.99

Enjoy your rice or favourite dish on this cute turquoise rice bowl.

Image: ikea.com.au



RRP $49, ON SALE $35

Place this sheepskin in your room, living area, sofa or anywhere you want to add some extra cosiness and comfort.

Image: ikea.com.au



RRP $149, ON SALE $99

This natural, flat woven rug  would make the perfect fit under your coffee or dining room table. Resistant to  wear and tear and even stains from spilled food, drinks or snacks.

Image: ikea.com.au



RRP $129, ON SALE $79

Expecting guests? This red stackable chair is not just easy to sit on with its rounded shape and back support, its clear lacquered surface is also a breeze to clean.

Image: ikea.com.au


TJILLEVIPS Bamboo Basket

RRP $49.99, ON SALE $29.99

This handwoven bamboo basket is a part of the TJILLEVIPS collection. Liven up your living space with this decorative and functional basket.

Image: ikea.com.au



RRP $1.99, ON SALE $0.99

Preserve pickles and jams in style with decorative glass bottle with an airtight stopper.

Image: ikea.com.au


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Sale ends 10 August with some discounts only valid until 3 August.

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