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How to spot a sale shopper

Are you a savvy shopping sleuth?
Here’s the top tell-tale signs that you’re a bargain queen…

You have a weekend wing-woman

You’re an independent woman but when it comes to the warehouse sales, just like Pete and Manu or Kath and Kim, you always come as a pair. You’ve got each other’s backs, are a second pair of eyes for sorting through the shelves and help each other out with the bags. And after a day totting up discounts, there’s no one better to have a glass of wine with while going through your purchases. Cheers!

Always on time

You may as well have ‘you snooze, you lose’ tattooed on your arm. To you, punctuality is essential. In fact, when you say you’re going to be somewhere, you’ll always arrive early. Because missing the start of a sale means potentially missing that all-important bargain of the year. And you never know, you might get a sneaky peek if they open the doors ahead of time…

Keep to schedule

It’s not just time keeping that you’re militant about, it’s forward planning. You like to know what’s happening, when and how you’re going to get there. It certainly helps when you’re bargain hunting. A full-on day of discounts might mean sale-hopping between venues across town and juggling start times. Planning ahead makes sure you don’t miss out.

I like big bags and I cannot lie…

The famous IKEA blue bag has nothing on your fave arm candy! You need somewhere to stash all those cut-price goodies after all. You don’t want to be short on space because you never know what you might spot at the sales. Don’t miss out on those $2 t-shirts or $10 shoes because you can’t carry them!

Snacks to go!

Everyone knows you’re the go-to gal if you’re feeling peckish. Whether it’s cereal bars, a bag of nuts or some energy-boosting lollies and a bottle of water, you’ve got it covered. They’re all stashed in that big bag of yours, ready to keep those sale-shopping energy levels up.


On the flat

Your trusty flats or sneakers are part of your go-to weekend shopping wardrobe. You’ll be on your feet almost all day and speed is often of the essence when you’re bargain hunting. They’re super easy to slip off and on when trying out new styles in the shoe sales too.

Cashed up

It’s cash-only almost all the way for the savvy sale queen! While tap and go is great for bigger items, it’s not always available at the sales and it can be easier to hand over cash for smaller ticket items.

Activewear afficianado

You love your Lycra and have a pile of fave tights and tees. Discount sale shopping is a serious workout after all. Delving into piles of clothes and rifling through racks is a cardio sesh! Plus, activewear makes trying stuff on much easier when there’s not always a change room available.

Loves a list…

You’re renowned for you lists and they certainly make life easy at the sales. In keeping with being super organised to make sure those bargains are bagged, you know exactly what your family and friends need and what to look out for thanks to your handy check lists.

 …and a LOL

Your mates all know that you’re good for a laugh. You have to be after all that discount shopping! And when you think of all the $$$ you’ve saved over the years bagging top brands for less, you can’t help but smile to yourself too!

Lightening reflexes

Usain Bolt’s has got nothing on you. You’ve honed your skills at the warehouse sales, ducking and diving through the crowds to make sure you get hold of the exact items you want.

Photographic memory

Birthdays, anniversaries, special events – you miss nothing. Your family and friends know you’re the one to go to when they want to check dates. And it’s not just your diary that you keep etched on your brain. From Auntie Pam’s fave candle scent to your sister Deb’s shoe size and cousin Dave’s top choice of shirt colour – you’ve got them all stored and ready to go when you spot ‘just the thing’ at the latest discount sale. Dave’s in luck with this selection coming up, Stafford Menswear Spring Racing Warehouse Sale. 

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