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Budget brilliantly, spend smarter and earn extra cash along the way with Humaniti

Who doesn’t want to streamline their spending and make smarter budgeting choices? Nobody, right?
Now, with Australia’s top personal finance app, Humaniti, you can budget brilliantly, spend smarter and earn extra cash along the way!

Before you think your smartphone can’t store one more app, we checked out what Humaniti is all about and how it can help us. Here’s what we found;

Be Financially Organised

Even the most cash savvy people can benefit from a little financial organisational support at times, and Humaniti, one of Australia’s best personal finance App, delivers exactly that. It pulls all your finances into one easy-to-use dashboard, which means you can take the guesswork out of spending, saving and earning. It even allows you to actually earn extra money, simply by answering a few simple surveys now and then! 

The Complete Picture

Want financial freedom? We thought as much! To get it, it’s pretty essential to have a complete picture of how your money is working. Getting control of that means that you can make small changes now that will lead to significant and exciting financial benefits in your future. Whether you’re saving for a holiday, planning for retirement or you simply want to get clever with your cash, Humaniti can help.

The App allows you to track and categorise your spending, which gives you a great insight into ways you can improve your financial worth and at the same time grow your nest egg.

Your Personal Dashboard

Your personal Humaniti dashboard gives you a top-line summary of your account balances from most Australian financial institutions, superannuation funds, loyalty programs, shares, investments, property values and more. It’s updated every day, too, which means you can see what you’re earning, spending and saving on a day-to-day basis. 

Your dashboard also categorises where your dollars are directed across all accounts, which means you recognise your positive and negative spending habits and can therefore better manage your money.

Budgeting Insights

From groceries to eating out, electricity bills to entertainment, Humaniti will categorise your spending, so you can see where your money is going and gauge whether you think is it worth re-directing it or maintaining things as they are. There’s a range of easy-to-use tools within the app, too, that help you better understand where your money is going (and if it should be heading in that direction!).

Passive Income Pluses

Aside from all of this, Humaniti allows you to earn a pretty easy passive income, simply by taking quick three to 15-minute surveys, which can earn you up to $10 a survey! How awesome is that?

The surveys are fun, too. They could be as simple as research questions about what soft drinks you prefer, which telco’s and utility providers you use, your healthcare provider preferences or banking institution choices. You may also come across research surveys that ask about your shopping habits and attitudes, your opinion on various brands and/or your input on advertising or new products and services.

The amount for each survey varies, but typically you expect to earn between $1 to $5 per survey. Payment is based on the time spent on the survey, but there are also plenty of opportunities to earn more, simply by joining special panels and forums that will become available down the track. There is no set limit at this point, so you choose how much extra cash you wish you stash! 

Giving Back

Being part of the Humaniti community means you not only help to grow your own personal portfolio, but you are giving back to those in need, which will give you an even better feeling about your money and sense of worth! Humaniti partners with institutes, charities and not-for-profits, which includes donating funds, raising awareness, and supporting research needs. Partners currently include Cancer Council Australia, The Fred Hollows Foundation, Aussie Farmers Foundation, and many more!

Refer a friend

Earn even more by referring a friend! You can refer a friend or family member to Humaniti via the ‘Invite” button located in the menu. For each person that joins Humaniti using your code, you will receive $2 to your Humaniti balance!

If you’d like to check out Humaniti for yourself, you’ll find the download links for iphone and android on their website

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